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Furoshiki day today!

Hi all!
Today is “Furoshiki day” in Japan.
It’s just Feb 23th, 223 = “Tsu Tsu Mu” in Japanese.
“Tsu Tsu Mu” mean “Wrap” in English.

If you interest ecology and beautiful Japanese textile, please think about Furoshiki.

Eucalyptus Gray Furoshiki

Have a good day♡


Let’s greet New year with Frozen, Hallo ketty and Mickey mouse!

Hi all!

Have you desied a Christmas and New year holiday plan?

There is the dish called “Osechi” to eat for New Year holiday in Japan.
Osechi are the dishes that various side dishes were in the nest of boxes.
Useally mom or grand mom make it at the end of year and will have it in families for New Year holidays.

A dish of the inside has a meaning one by one, and anything is only luckything!

It is said that the tradition of Osechi to free the woman from housework, dose not use the fire as much as possible for New Year.
In old days, useally mon and grand mom make at the end of year, but there are many people buy it in shop recently.

And I found lovely Osechi!


Hallo ketty

Mickey mouse


It’s too good for eating!!
Also the boxes can use after eating.

You can buy on website.
*Kibun online shop

Unfortunately the delivery is only Japan…

I think I’ll make a Osechi this year with my dad?
Have a good weekend♡


Make a tissue box cover with Furoshiki

Hi all!

Whether you want to change interior suddenly.
I introduce a method changed interior into with a Furoshiki easily!

It is how to make tissue box cover today.
A necessary thing is only one piece of Furoshiki or your favorite cloth.

Recommend Size:Small size(50cm x 50cm)

The Furoshiki which is suitable for making tissue box cover >>>

Japanese paper “Washi” is likely to be registered a Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO

Hi all!

A UNESCO body that examines cultural heritage candidates recently recommended Japanese paper “Washi” for registration!

Washi is traditional japanese paper and it’s thin and strong.
Also the Washi has distinctive texture so good for useing lampshade, wrapping, wall decoration and lots more!

The registration of the Japanese paper “Washi” aims at three kinds of the “Sekishu standard Japanese paper”, “Honmino paper” and “Hosokawa paper”.

Honmino japanese paper

Honmino Japanese paper

Including “Japanese food” registered in last year by Japan 22 cases are registered so far.

I hope a lot of beautiful Japanese paper “Washi” come into the world! Because a tendency to decrease had the production of Japanese papers year by year.

Have a nice life♡


Just 2min! How to make shoulder bag with Furoshiki

Hi all!

I introduce a shoulder bag to be able to make in just 2min useing the Furoshiki cloth.
If you bring one piece of cloth when you go out somewhere, you can make shopping bag anytime and anywhere!

Recommend Size:Large size(90cm x 92cm or more)

Have a nice life♡


Japanese culture to send from Los Angeles

Hi all!

I found really interesting web site!
That call “Cultural News” and in this web site information of the Japanese culture is updated mainly from Los Angeles.
For example, Japanese event, Japanese art museum and Japanese music live.

It be appealing in terms of content because it can know how a foreigner feels Japan.

If you living around Los Angeles and have interesting about Japan, please check “Cultural News”.
You may have new discovery!

Cultural News

Cultural News
English: http://www.culturalnews.com/
Japanese: http://digest.culturalnews.com/

Have a nice life♡


The hotel where there is an experience made with a Washi(Japanese paper) in Kochi Japan

Hi all!

I found awesome hotel in Kochi Japan! The hotel name is “Kamikoya”
It’s managed Netherlander and customer can experience the makeing of Washi(Japanese paper) here.

Washi is traditional japanese paper and it’s thin and strong.
Also the Washi has distinctive texture so good for useing lampshade, wrapping, wall decoration and lots more!

There is a “Kamikoya” where enclosesd in nature at 650 meter elevation in Kochi Japan.
The guest room among Washi(Japanese paper) is a one group limited hotel a day.


A richly endowed with nature and looks grate private hotel.
I’ll go to stay in autumn or next spring!

Washi studio Kamikoya
Address: 1678 Otado ,Yusuhara-cho, Takaoka-gun ,Kochi JAPAN 785-0603
Ph: 0889-68-0355
WEB English: http://kamikoya-washi.com/english
WEB Japanese: http://kamikoya-washi.com/

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Beautiful Japanese Bento (Lunch box)!

Hi all!

What did you had for lunch today?
Japanese has bring Bento culture at lunch time.
Bento is lunch box and usually mom made for kids and husband every morning.
My case was my dad made Bento for me.

Recentry, the Bento culture getting popular in creased!
I introduce a Japanese beautiful Bento from instagram today.
And the bento box is “Mage-wappa lunch box”.

Mage-wappa is traditional Japanese lunch box.
Thinly peeled natural “Akita cidar” will be soaked in hot water.
After it gets soft, it will bend to form a ring shape which is bonded by the bark of cherry brossom tree.
This is called “Mage-wappa”.

See more Bento box >>>

All Bento boxs look delicious!
And the home cooking can regulate the calorie too so it’s healthy.
Would you like to try a Bento for your lunch?

Have a nice life♡


A Japanese folk toy become the pretty miniature

Hi all!

Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten Co., Ltd. of start of a business 1716 release a figure with the traditional toy of various parts of Japans a motif from the end of October.

Kaiyoudo which is famous for figure skating is in charge of the production.
8 kinds toys release it for the first, and the toy of 47 prifectures seems to be prepared in 2016!

A folk toy become the pretty miniature

The first release is
*Hatobue(Pigeons whistle) /Aomori青森県「鳩笛」
*Komekui nezumi(Eating rice mouse) /Ishikawa石川県「米食い鼠」
*Inu hariko(Papier-mache dog) /Tokyo東京都「犬張子」
*Hariko shika(papier-mache deer) /Nara奈良県「張子鹿」
*Hariko tora(papier-mache tiger) /Shimane島根県「張子虎」
*Yomeiri ningyou(Marrige doll) /Kagawa香川県「嫁入り人形」
*Uso(Uso doll) /Fukuoka福岡県「うそ」

Marrige doll of Kagawa♡

Marrige doll of Kagawa

Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten Co., Ltd.
Shop list: http://www.yu-nakagawa.co.jp/en/about.html

Have a goog weekend♡


Noh farce free live event in Osaka

Hi all!

Have you heard about “Noh”?

Noh is one of japanese traditional performing art.
And it’s an important intangible cultural asset now.


The Noh which it is said to that there was a model 200 years when Shakespeare appears ago.
It is a music drama having a play, a dance, the element of the song.

An event to be able to enjoy the Noh free is Osaka.
Japan’s original theatrical art to be said “to be the oldest in the world” for drama succeeded to.
Please enjoy art of Japan!

Yamamoto Noh-gaku Dou 山本能楽堂
Address: 3-6-4 Hommachi Chuou-ku Osaka HOMMACHI GARDEN CITY Entrance hall
Date: 11th Oct
Time: 14:00-15:00
Price: Free
Ph: 06-6943-9454
Web(En): http://www.noh-theater.com/english/eng_welcome.html

Japanese rural life in Tokushima

Hi all!

I still stay Australia now. And I think about what do I do when I go back to Japan.
The place that I want to go most now is “Kamiyama” in Tokushima.
The town of Kamiyama is located at the center of Tokushima prefecture on the island of Shikoku.

Kamiyama WEB: http://www.town.kamiyama.lg.jp/office/download-wall

83% of the town’s area is mountainous with an altitude ranging from 300-1500 meters above sea level and it’s region richly endowed with nature!

A lots of artists gather from Japan and other country in Kamiyama and hold various art events and do suggestion to live in the rural.

It is a place full naturally where the people emigrating to the flowing rural of the clear stream increase, and a stylishs restaurant and young entrepreneurs gather.

If you interesting in the rural in Japan, would you like to come over “Kamiyama”!

in Kamiyama
EN: http://www.in-kamiyama.jp/en/art/
JP: http://www.in-kamiyama.jp/

Kamiyama-cho WEB
EN: http://www.town.kamiyama.lg.jp/english-pages
JP: http://www.town.kamiyama.lg.jp/

Have a nice life♡


What is KARAKUSA(Arabesque)?

karakusa arabesque

Hi all!

I write about common pattern of “KARAKUSA”(Arabesque) in Japan today.

KARAKUSA(Arabesque) of a pattern be known familiarly for a long time in Japan.
Did you know that it was a very lucky pattern?

The KARAKUSA(Arabesque) is seen in the remains such as Greek shrines is a model.
It’s thought that came to each place from Mesopotamia and Egypt. And it’s said that came to Japan from China via Silk Road.

It’s used as decoration of the mosques frequently in the Arab countries.
Therefore It’s called “Arabesque (like a Arabian)” in Europe.

The KARAKUSA(Arabesque) pattern such as “prosperity, longevity” have a meaning and is assumed a lucky pattern, because vitality strong lengthens a vine with out a break.

Even if a bad thing happens to all the examples, they overcome it, and “the eternity prospers” have a meaning in Japan.

So, It seems to be good to celebration of new house and wedding gift!

See KARAKUSA(Arabesque) Furoshiki >>>

Have a nice life♡


So cool! Japanese art gallery hotel in Tokyo

Hi all!

Where are you stay if you trip in Japan?
Onsen(Hot spring)hotel? Gest house? Friends house? Business hotel?

How about stay in “Art gallery”?

Artist in Hotel

Park Hotel Tokyo plans to add nine Artist Rooms per year over the next three years to create an entire Artist Floor, totaling 31 rooms, as part of its Artist in Hotel project, an adaptation of the well-known “Artist-In-Residence” program in a hotel setting.

In the project, the hotel transforms standard guest rooms into Artist Rooms encapsulating their creators’ passions and views of the world, with the artists painting on walls and decorating the rooms with their original paintings or art objects based on the inspiration they obtained while staying at the hotel.

Through this project the hotel endeavors to reach out to foreign guests who are interested in Japanese aesthetics and arts in order to help enhance their cultural experiences during their stay in Japan. It offers visitors an unforgettable opportunity to enjoy art from the comfort of their hotel room.

All rooms are artistic and so cool!!!
Not only foreigner, but Japanese wants to stay too!

Artist in Hotel
Web (English): http://www.parkhoteltokyo.com/artcolours/en/aih.html
Web (Japanese): http://www.parkhoteltokyo.com/artcolours/aih.html

Have a good weekend♡


Wine bottle wrapping by Furoshiki for party!

Hi all!

When you invited to the party, what do you take?
I think that there are a lot of people to take wine.

I introduce how to wrap wine bottles which are good to the party today.
A usual wine bottle becomes very gorgeous!
If you have some party please try it with Furoshiki!

Basic bottle wrap

Bottle/about 750ml
Furoshiki/Medium size(68cm x 70cm)

See more medium size Furoshiki >>>

Have a nice life♡


You can learn Japan in “IS JAPAN COOL?”

Hi all!

Do you know much about Japan?
I don’t know much about Japan even I’m a Japanese…
Sometimes my other country friend tell me nice restaurant, good spot and more…I’m Japanese…

I want to learn more about Japan!
And I found a awesome website that a website introducing Japan.
The website introduce traditional and introduce subculture too so it’s really interesting for me too!
Also every thing beautiful photos, so can be satisfied just to look at it.


If you going to Japan or interesting Japan, let’s learning in “IS JAPAN COOL?”!

IS JAPAN COOL?: https://www.ana-cooljapan.com/

Have a nice life♡


Love GHIBLI! Costume play of the diyellowtail by the foreigner

Hi all!

Do you know and do you like about GHIBLI?
I have written it several times.

GHIBLI is really famous Japanese animation film studio.
Of course I love the GHIBLI animations!!

And I found foreigner costume play of GHIBLI character.
It’s awesome and high quality so much!!!

If you realized what character this is, you are a respectable GHIBLI fan!

I hit my spot about costume play of porco…

See more costume play of GHIBLI character (Japanese)


Have a nice life♡


The beautiful Japanese fashion which Miranda Kerr wears

Hi all!

As for the VOGUE JAPAN November issue, Miranda Kerr appears on the cover as the 15th anniversary memory third.
The Miranda which became a “Geisha” “Samurai” “Manga character” is soooo beautiful!!
It’s just art that the fusion was old and present time.


In addition, Japan photographed in a viewpoint of Mario Testino seems to be placed.
I looking forwerd to release the VOGUE JAPAN!!

VOGUE JAPAN news: http://www.vogue.co.jp/fashion/news/2014-09/19/miranda-kerr

Have a nice life♡


Japanese Cultural Festival and “BON-ODORI” Dance

Hi all!

I help japanese tea ceremony experience section with yukata at Japanese Cultural Festival and “BON-ODORI” Dance last week end.
A lot of people who were interested in Japan came to the japanese tea ceremony experience section!
We had a lot of people take the photo and I was embarrassed.

A Taiko drum and yukata contest were held in the center space and were full of many audiences!
Both an Australian and Japanese are BON-ODORI Dance in a circle from the evening!

Even a little had many people know the Japanese culture and was very fun!


Have a good weekend♡


GHIBLI building exhibition @ Tokyo

Hi all!

I went to Tokyo last weekend.
It was short trip but I was able to meet some friends and had a lot of fun!
Well, I show the thing which I did in Tokyo.

I went to “GHIBLI building exhibition” at Koganei.
Do you know STUDIO GHIBLI?
It’s a really famous Japanese animation film studio.

Famous title is
*Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (The film made before the studio’s official founding)
*Castle in the Sky
*My Neighbor Totoro
*Kiki’s Delivery Service


The GHIBLI building exhibition display a building used by a animation film.
It was the very nice display that concentrated various thoughts by a country, the generation worth seeing!
Unfortunately, the place can’t take picture. So please be really impressed to go.

Many Japanese buildings were rebuilt and were an unbearable place for a building enthusiast.

*OPEN: 9:30am – 5:30pm(April – September)
9:30am – 4:30pm(October – March)
*ACCESS: http://tatemonoen.jp/english/access/index.html
*WEB: http://tatemonoen.jp/special/

Have a nice life♡


100yen Sushi boats

Hi all!

I went to “Hamazushi” for dinner.
The recent Sushi boats has high quality and delicious!
The Hamazushi is 100yen for each plate.
Some plate is different price, but weekdays is just 90yen… I can’t believe it…

My parents ran a sushi shop a long time ago.
When my parents ran a sushi shop, I not much interest about a sushi and eating sushi. And now…

I love sushi very much!!
And sushi boats not only sashimi, they has a chikin, beef, pork, noodle…a lot of menus. So you can enjoy it even if you can’t eat fish.

Address: Kagawa Takamatsu-city Sogawanishi-machi 682-1
Tel: 087-840-3127
Open: 11:00-23:00
Web: http://www.hamazushi.com/hamazushi/index.html

Have a nice life♡