Let’s greet New year with Frozen, Hallo ketty and Mickey mouse!

Hi all!

Have you desied a Christmas and New year holiday plan?

There is the dish called “Osechi” to eat for New Year holiday in Japan.
Osechi are the dishes that various side dishes were in the nest of boxes.
Useally mom or grand mom make it at the end of year and will have it in families for New Year holidays.

A dish of the inside has a meaning one by one, and anything is only luckything!

It is said that the tradition of Osechi to free the woman from housework, dose not use the fire as much as possible for New Year.
In old days, useally mon and grand mom make at the end of year, but there are many people buy it in shop recently.

And I found lovely Osechi!


Hallo ketty

Mickey mouse


It’s too good for eating!!
Also the boxes can use after eating.

You can buy on website.
*Kibun online shop

Unfortunately the delivery is only Japan…

I think I’ll make a Osechi this year with my dad?
Have a good weekend♡


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