What is KARAKUSA(Arabesque)?

karakusa arabesque

Hi all!

I write about common pattern of “KARAKUSA”(Arabesque) in Japan today.

KARAKUSA(Arabesque) of a pattern be known familiarly for a long time in Japan.
Did you know that it was a very lucky pattern?

The KARAKUSA(Arabesque) is seen in the remains such as Greek shrines is a model.
It’s thought that came to each place from Mesopotamia and Egypt. And it’s said that came to Japan from China via Silk Road.

It’s used as decoration of the mosques frequently in the Arab countries.
Therefore It’s called “Arabesque (like a Arabian)” in Europe.

The KARAKUSA(Arabesque) pattern such as “prosperity, longevity” have a meaning and is assumed a lucky pattern, because vitality strong lengthens a vine with out a break.

Even if a bad thing happens to all the examples, they overcome it, and “the eternity prospers” have a meaning in Japan.

So, It seems to be good to celebration of new house and wedding gift!

See KARAKUSA(Arabesque) Furoshiki >>>

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