Beautiful Japanese Bento (Lunch box)!

Hi all!

What did you had for lunch today?
Japanese has bring Bento culture at lunch time.
Bento is lunch box and usually mom made for kids and husband every morning.
My case was my dad made Bento for me.

Recentry, the Bento culture getting popular in creased!
I introduce a Japanese beautiful Bento from instagram today.
And the bento box is “Mage-wappa lunch box”.

Mage-wappa is traditional Japanese lunch box.
Thinly peeled natural “Akita cidar” will be soaked in hot water.
After it gets soft, it will bend to form a ring shape which is bonded by the bark of cherry brossom tree.
This is called “Mage-wappa”.

See more Bento box >>>

All Bento boxs look delicious!
And the home cooking can regulate the calorie too so it’s healthy.
Would you like to try a Bento for your lunch?

Have a nice life♡


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