The hotel where there is an experience made with a Washi(Japanese paper) in Kochi Japan

Hi all!

I found awesome hotel in Kochi Japan! The hotel name is “Kamikoya”
It’s managed Netherlander and customer can experience the makeing of Washi(Japanese paper) here.

Washi is traditional japanese paper and it’s thin and strong.
Also the Washi has distinctive texture so good for useing lampshade, wrapping, wall decoration and lots more!

There is a “Kamikoya” where enclosesd in nature at 650 meter elevation in Kochi Japan.
The guest room among Washi(Japanese paper) is a one group limited hotel a day.


A richly endowed with nature and looks grate private hotel.
I’ll go to stay in autumn or next spring!

Washi studio Kamikoya
Address: 1678 Otado ,Yusuhara-cho, Takaoka-gun ,Kochi JAPAN 785-0603
Ph: 0889-68-0355
WEB English:
WEB Japanese:

Have a nice life♡


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