100yen Sushi boats

Hi all!

I went to “Hamazushi” for dinner.
The recent Sushi boats has high quality and delicious!
The Hamazushi is 100yen for each plate.
Some plate is different price, but weekdays is just 90yen… I can’t believe it…

My parents ran a sushi shop a long time ago.
When my parents ran a sushi shop, I not much interest about a sushi and eating sushi. And now…

I love sushi very much!!
And sushi boats not only sashimi, they has a chikin, beef, pork, noodle…a lot of menus. So you can enjoy it even if you can’t eat fish.

Address: Kagawa Takamatsu-city Sogawanishi-machi 682-1
Tel: 087-840-3127
Open: 11:00-23:00
Web: http://www.hamazushi.com/hamazushi/index.html

Have a nice life♡


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