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Let’s greet New year with Frozen, Hallo ketty and Mickey mouse!

Hi all!

Have you desied a Christmas and New year holiday plan?

There is the dish called “Osechi” to eat for New Year holiday in Japan.
Osechi are the dishes that various side dishes were in the nest of boxes.
Useally mom or grand mom make it at the end of year and will have it in families for New Year holidays.

A dish of the inside has a meaning one by one, and anything is only luckything!

It is said that the tradition of Osechi to free the woman from housework, dose not use the fire as much as possible for New Year.
In old days, useally mon and grand mom make at the end of year, but there are many people buy it in shop recently.

And I found lovely Osechi!


Hallo ketty

Mickey mouse


It’s too good for eating!!
Also the boxes can use after eating.

You can buy on website.
*Kibun online shop

Unfortunately the delivery is only Japan…

I think I’ll make a Osechi this year with my dad?
Have a good weekend♡


Have some grate fall food with huge Japanese pear

Hi all!

Have you try a Japanese pear?
The Japanese pear is very big unlike a pear.

I ate “Niitaka Pear” harvested in Kochi Japan since I was child.

Niitaka Pear

The Niitaka Pear is really huge!
When say how big is…

Niitaka Pear

It’s not eaten at all alone.
Useally the pear is 1.5kg to 2kg each.

Niitaka Pear

The pear is juiciness and tasteful sweetness.
It’s crisp and difficult to stop when I begin to eat!

I look forward to Niitaka Pear every year when it is autumn.

Niitaka Pear made specially Kochi prefecture.
You can meet Ryoma Sakamoto!

Ryoma Sakamoto

Please try it if you find Niitaka Pear in Japan!

Have a nice life♡


What kind of Matcha sweets we can buy in a convenience store

Hi all!

Do you like a “Matcha”?
Recently, the Matcha sweets getting popular with foreign travelers.
Also Japanese loves Matcha sweets too even me!

So I introduce about what kind of Matcha sweets we can buy in convenience store now.

Kit Kat /Nestle
Kit Kat
Authority: d.nestle.jp

Kyo Matcha /meiji
kyo matcha
Authority: news.livedoor.com

galbo mini /meiji
Authority: www.meiji.co.jp

Pocky /glico
Authority: www.excite.co.jp

Collon /glico
Authority: www.ezaki-glico.net

Yuki no yado /Miyuki confectionery production
yuki no yado
Authority: www.yukinoyado.jp

You can buy any conveniene store in Japan!
*It sometimes change the product depending on the store.
Enjoy with matcha sweets!

Have a nice life♡


Beautiful Japanese Bento (Lunch box)!

Hi all!

What did you had for lunch today?
Japanese has bring Bento culture at lunch time.
Bento is lunch box and usually mom made for kids and husband every morning.
My case was my dad made Bento for me.

Recentry, the Bento culture getting popular in creased!
I introduce a Japanese beautiful Bento from instagram today.
And the bento box is “Mage-wappa lunch box”.

Mage-wappa is traditional Japanese lunch box.
Thinly peeled natural “Akita cidar” will be soaked in hot water.
After it gets soft, it will bend to form a ring shape which is bonded by the bark of cherry brossom tree.
This is called “Mage-wappa”.

See more Bento box >>>

All Bento boxs look delicious!
And the home cooking can regulate the calorie too so it’s healthy.
Would you like to try a Bento for your lunch?

Have a nice life♡


So cute!! Japanese sweets Cube cream puffs

Hi all!

Do you like sweets?
Of course I like it!

I found new style cream puffs in Japan!
Usually cream puffs is circular in shape but the cream puffs is square shaped.
The cream puffs called “Cube shu”. Looks so cute!!


Source: www.lemail.jp

If you go to “Tokyo Skytree” in Tokyo, please try it!
Because one of cube cream puffs shop there is the “PATISSERIE BROTHERS” in the Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi shop.


Have a nice life♡


Real delicious japanese food “Yummy Japan”

Hi all!

Have you try Japanese food?
I think you know a Sushi roll, Teriyaki chikin, Ramen…
However, there are more delicious and beautiful Japanese foods in Japan!

It is “Yummy Japan” to introduce the Japanese foods which such a Japanese really eats in Japan.

The tasty as well as the beauty, occasionally would you like to start with enjoying Japanese food which has great entertaiment through movie?

Web: http://www.yummyjapan.net/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YummyJpn

Have a nice life♡


Have ever eaten Tokushima ramen (Tokushima noodle)?

Hi all!

Have ever eaten “Tokushima ramen” (Tokushima noodle)?
When I went to Tokushima with my friend, we have a lunch in one of Tokushima ramen shop.

The shop “Fukuri” which we choose seems to be contained in delicious Tokushima ramen ranking!

My friend order the “Niku Tama Ramen” which a roasted pork fillet and egg were in.
I order the “Tamago Ramen” which a little bit roasted pork fillet and egg were in.

And the ramen so yummy!!!
The soup has rich taste and delectably. But not heavy tasting.
The roasted pork fillet was a pulp and like a melting in my mouth.

We are lucky! Because we chose the shop as it happens!
When I go to Tokushima next time, I wanna visit and eat again!

Fukuri (ふく利 北島本店)
Address: 18-4 Kawanakasu Aza Ejiri Kitajima-cho Itano-gun Tokushima Japan
Ph: 088-698-0098
Open: 11:00-15:00 Every Wednesday close

Have a nice life♡