What kind of Matcha sweets we can buy in a convenience store

Hi all!

Do you like a “Matcha”?
Recently, the Matcha sweets getting popular with foreign travelers.
Also Japanese loves Matcha sweets too even me!

So I introduce about what kind of Matcha sweets we can buy in convenience store now.

Kit Kat /Nestle
Kit Kat
Authority: d.nestle.jp

Kyo Matcha /meiji
kyo matcha
Authority: news.livedoor.com

galbo mini /meiji
Authority: www.meiji.co.jp

Pocky /glico
Authority: www.excite.co.jp

Collon /glico
Authority: www.ezaki-glico.net

Yuki no yado /Miyuki confectionery production
yuki no yado
Authority: www.yukinoyado.jp

You can buy any conveniene store in Japan!
*It sometimes change the product depending on the store.
Enjoy with matcha sweets!

Have a nice life♡


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