Have ever eaten Tokushima ramen (Tokushima noodle)?

Hi all!

Have ever eaten “Tokushima ramen” (Tokushima noodle)?
When I went to Tokushima with my friend, we have a lunch in one of Tokushima ramen shop.

The shop “Fukuri” which we choose seems to be contained in delicious Tokushima ramen ranking!

My friend order the “Niku Tama Ramen” which a roasted pork fillet and egg were in.
I order the “Tamago Ramen” which a little bit roasted pork fillet and egg were in.

And the ramen so yummy!!!
The soup has rich taste and delectably. But not heavy tasting.
The roasted pork fillet was a pulp and like a melting in my mouth.

We are lucky! Because we chose the shop as it happens!
When I go to Tokushima next time, I wanna visit and eat again!

Fukuri (ふく利 北島本店)
Address: 18-4 Kawanakasu Aza Ejiri Kitajima-cho Itano-gun Tokushima Japan
Ph: 088-698-0098
Open: 11:00-15:00 Every Wednesday close

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