Have some grate fall food with huge Japanese pear

Hi all!

Have you try a Japanese pear?
The Japanese pear is very big unlike a pear.

I ate “Niitaka Pear” harvested in Kochi Japan since I was child.

Niitaka Pear

The Niitaka Pear is really huge!
When say how big is…

Niitaka Pear

It’s not eaten at all alone.
Useally the pear is 1.5kg to 2kg each.

Niitaka Pear

The pear is juiciness and tasteful sweetness.
It’s crisp and difficult to stop when I begin to eat!

I look forward to Niitaka Pear every year when it is autumn.

Niitaka Pear made specially Kochi prefecture.
You can meet Ryoma Sakamoto!

Ryoma Sakamoto

Please try it if you find Niitaka Pear in Japan!

Have a nice life♡


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