Kazurabashi (Kazura bridge) in Tokushima

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The post carries on from yesterday.
We went to “Kazurabashi” (Kazura bridge) after Iya onsen.
Here is one of a sightseeing spot in Tokushima, and many people came the bridge because it was summer holiday in Japan.

Kazura Bashi is rudimentary cable suspension bridge. The bridge over the canyon in this secluded mountain villages is also associated with the legend of fleeting Heike clan, once most powerful ruler. And it’s made of Actinidia auguta (a kind of kiwi vine) and is 45 meters long, 2 meters wide. It weighs approx. 5 tones and is suspended 15 meters above streams.

We ate “Dekomawashi” in Kazurabashi.
Dekomawashi is local food in Iya.
It’s a dish prepared by skewering foodstuffs such as tofu, buckwheat dumpling, konnyaku pasting them with Japanese-lemon (citron) flavored miso (bean paste) and then roasting them.
It was delicious with Japanese-lemon (citron) flavored!
Also they selling sweetfish too.

The area is long gorge so you can enjoy rafting, boat walking and lots more with nature!
You can enjoy and stay all day in Iya!

Address: 162-2 Zentoku Yamamura Nishiiya Miyoshi-city Tokushima Japan
Ph: 0120-404-344
WEB: http://miyoshinavi.jp/02miru/detail.php?uid=SS000048&genr=101&area=2
WEB(English): http://miyoshinavi.jp/english/02miru/detail.php?uid=SS000048&genr=101&area=227004/

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