Japanese hot spring in Tokushima

Hi all!

My friend came in Shikoku last weekend from Tokyo for danceing Awaodori!
My home town is Kagawa but I picked her up in Tokushima and we sightseeing Tokushima and Kagawa together.

First day we went to hot springs that call “Iya onsen”.
I recommend Iya onsen in Tokushima at all season!
We went to “HOTEL KAZURABASHI” for a hot spring.
The Hotel has small tram, and customer goes up some mountains by small tram and get take the hot spring.
It feel very good with the hot spring included among mountain and amazing view!!

If you go to Tokushima, please try go to “Iya onsen”.
I recommend for you!

Address: 33-1 Zentoku Yamamura Nishiiya
Ph: +81 883-87-2171
WEB: http://www.kazurabashi.co.jp/
WEB(English): http://www.japanican.com/en/hotel/detail/7427004/

Have a nice life♡


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