Find a Thai restaurant in Cairns!

Hi all!

My friend came in my house day befor yesturday and I taught to her some my knowledge.
And we had dinner which she recommend to me a one of Thai restaurant in Sheridan street.

I thought that it was a cafe here, I didn’t realize change to Thai restaurant.

She ordered “Laksa noodle soup” and I ordered “Larb”.
Larb is Thai salad that a dish of ground meat, flavoured with lime juice and fish sauce and various other ingredients such as chilli and mint.

And the larb was delicious and tasty so it much more better with rice.
Also laksa noodle was delicious too and big dish than it looks!

The price is almost around A$15 for each dish.
If you have a chance please try it!

Poemphun Thai
Open: 7days
Address: 343 Sheridan Street, cairns North
Ph: 07 4041 6367

Have a nice life♡


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