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A Japanese folk toy become the pretty miniature

Hi all!

Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten Co., Ltd. of start of a business 1716 release a figure with the traditional toy of various parts of Japans a motif from the end of October.

Kaiyoudo which is famous for figure skating is in charge of the production.
8 kinds toys release it for the first, and the toy of 47 prifectures seems to be prepared in 2016!

A folk toy become the pretty miniature

The first release is
*Hatobue(Pigeons whistle) /Aomori青森県「鳩笛」
*Komekui nezumi(Eating rice mouse) /Ishikawa石川県「米食い鼠」
*Inu hariko(Papier-mache dog) /Tokyo東京都「犬張子」
*Hariko shika(papier-mache deer) /Nara奈良県「張子鹿」
*Hariko tora(papier-mache tiger) /Shimane島根県「張子虎」
*Yomeiri ningyou(Marrige doll) /Kagawa香川県「嫁入り人形」
*Uso(Uso doll) /Fukuoka福岡県「うそ」

Marrige doll of Kagawa♡

Marrige doll of Kagawa

Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten Co., Ltd.
Shop list:

Have a goog weekend♡


Sun set cruise at Seto Inland Sea

Hi all!

My friend invite me to sunset cruise last weekend!
It’s first time, I board catamaran craft.

catamaran craft

Seto Inland Sea

A person can lie down at the top of the Catamaran craft.
I couldn’t do it, but every one looks like a fun and relax.

lie down

I had cruise 2weeks ago too for fishing.
But it’s so nice the time too at Seto Inland Sea!
I never tire of gazing upon this view.

Sunset at Seto Inland Sea

Have a nice life♡


Talking talking talking…

Hi all!

I had catch up with my friend and I haven’t see her for long time!
So we talk about recent news, work, family, and more.
I think almost we talk about our work so it like a business meeting.
But it was a lots of fun and we talked for around 3hours.

She is realy awesome person, so I hope we work together oneday!

We went to cafe in Takamatsu.
I ate only a lunch, but a Baumkuchen seems to be famous.
Also cake seems delicious. I’ll try cake in here next time!

Hot-sandwich, salad, soup and coffee set 800yen


Have a nice life♡

Address: Kagawa takamatsu-city Matsunawa-cho 1003-7 Rainbow town 1F(Cafe is 2F)
TEL: 087-867-7790
OPEN: 10:00~19:00 / 7days open


YOGA in Bushozan park

Hi all!

I played YOGA at Bushozan park.
It was so nice feeling and weather!
The park has gym, swimming pool and play ground. Also

Bushozan park

My friend has course about YOGA instructor.
So I’m first student for her and be also trial horse.

trial horse

I realy looking forward to she to be YOGA instructor!

She was surprised by I wrap a YOGA mat with Furoshiki.

Yoga mat with Furoshiki

It’s handy and cute!
I’ll show next time about how to wrap a YOGA mat with Furoshiki.

Have a nice life♡

Bushozan park
Address:Kagawa Takamatsu-city Bushozan-cho Kou 2654-1


Fishing in Seto Inland Sea

Hi all!

How was your weekend?
I went to fishing last Satuday by rental boat with three other people.
We went to Seto Inland Sea. The Seto Inland Sea is dotted with small island and it’s very beautiful view!

Seto Inland Sea

Especially sun set was amazing!!

Sun set of Seto Inland Sea

An art event is held in islands of the Seto Inland Sea recently.

Well, our fishing result is…


Yes! We caught a lot of fishes!!
Because I think the captain has good skill.
Also other fisherman gave us many fishes too!… But keep it a secret.

Thank you for my friends, captain and fisherman!
Every one so kind and helpfull so I enjoyed very much.

Captain helped me(*><*) captain

His boat website/KEIYU MARU:

Have a nice life♡