For thanks giving day gift!

Hi all!

Have you start think about thanks giving day?
I chose the lucky Furoshiki which was most suitable for a gift!

Firebird with arabesque -Hi no tori-
The firebird which is called the phoenix is got close to as a lucky symbol. Asymbol of longevity and the descendant prosperity and the arabesque design which have been done are added in the background.

Firebird with arabesque Furoshiki -Hi no tori- (M)

Good luck -Shou Chiku Bai-
It is design to resemble a large flower auspicious “Sho Chiku Bai”(Pine, Bamboo, Japanese plum).
The one that can be used in various celebrations regardless of wedding, and baby gifts etc.


Phoenix with arabesque -Houou-
Phoenix in animals imaginary called four spirit giraffe, turtle, along with the dragon, it has been said to appear that there is a good thing in ancient China. Plus the arabesque design, which is a symbol of fertility and longevity Furthermore, the Furoshiki very auspicious.


Eucalyptus Ecru
Eucalyptus strong plant that grows abundantly in the harsh land. It was designed with all the thought.

Eucalyptus Ecru

Please refer to selection of gift for your family and friend.

Have a nice life♡


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