Idea with Furoshiki

Make a tissue box cover with Furoshiki

Hi all!

Whether you want to change interior suddenly.
I introduce a method changed interior into with a Furoshiki easily!

It is how to make tissue box cover today.
A necessary thing is only one piece of Furoshiki or your favorite cloth.

Recommend Size:Small size(50cm x 50cm)

The Furoshiki which is suitable for making tissue box cover >>>

Just 2min! How to make shoulder bag with Furoshiki

Hi all!

I introduce a shoulder bag to be able to make in just 2min useing the Furoshiki cloth.
If you bring one piece of cloth when you go out somewhere, you can make shopping bag anytime and anywhere!

Recommend Size:Large size(90cm x 92cm or more)

Have a nice life♡


Wine bottle wrapping by Furoshiki for party!

Hi all!

When you invited to the party, what do you take?
I think that there are a lot of people to take wine.

I introduce how to wrap wine bottles which are good to the party today.
A usual wine bottle becomes very gorgeous!
If you have some party please try it with Furoshiki!

Basic bottle wrap

Bottle/about 750ml
Furoshiki/Medium size(68cm x 70cm)

See more medium size Furoshiki >>>

Have a nice life♡


For thanks giving day gift!

Hi all!

Have you start think about thanks giving day?
I chose the lucky Furoshiki which was most suitable for a gift!

Firebird with arabesque -Hi no tori-
The firebird which is called the phoenix is got close to as a lucky symbol. Asymbol of longevity and the descendant prosperity and the arabesque design which have been done are added in the background.

Firebird with arabesque Furoshiki -Hi no tori- (M)

Good luck -Shou Chiku Bai-
It is design to resemble a large flower auspicious “Sho Chiku Bai”(Pine, Bamboo, Japanese plum).
The one that can be used in various celebrations regardless of wedding, and baby gifts etc.


Phoenix with arabesque -Houou-
Phoenix in animals imaginary called four spirit giraffe, turtle, along with the dragon, it has been said to appear that there is a good thing in ancient China. Plus the arabesque design, which is a symbol of fertility and longevity Furthermore, the Furoshiki very auspicious.


Eucalyptus Ecru
Eucalyptus strong plant that grows abundantly in the harsh land. It was designed with all the thought.

Eucalyptus Ecru

Please refer to selection of gift for your family and friend.

Have a nice life♡


Furoshiki Summer Collection

Hi all!

I picked up the Furoshiki of the pattern in the summer.
It’s a good pattern in interior, fashion and outdoor in summer!
Just looking at it is fun.

How to use Furoshiki >>>

Have a enjoy your summer♡


How to make YOGA mat bag with Furoshiki movie

Hi all!

I up load “How to make YOGA mat bag with Furoshiki movie” today!
We can make Yoga mat bag with Furoshiki very easy!
It’s ecology, easy to carry and stylish.

how to make yoga mat bag

If you have yoga, pilates or some workout with mat.
Please try it!

How to make YOGA mat bag with Furoshiki

Have a good weekend♡


YOGA in Bushozan park

Hi all!

I played YOGA at Bushozan park.
It was so nice feeling and weather!
The park has gym, swimming pool and play ground. Also

Bushozan park

My friend has course about YOGA instructor.
So I’m first student for her and be also trial horse.

trial horse

I realy looking forward to she to be YOGA instructor!

She was surprised by I wrap a YOGA mat with Furoshiki.

Yoga mat with Furoshiki

It’s handy and cute!
I’ll show next time about how to wrap a YOGA mat with Furoshiki.

Have a nice life♡

Bushozan park
Address:Kagawa Takamatsu-city Bushozan-cho Kou 2654-1