Planetarium (M) (OT0009M)

Planetarium (M) Furoshiki
Planetarium (M) Furoshiki Planetarium (M) Furoshiki
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  • Material : Polyester (Ester shantung)
  • Note : If use the iron please do not set hot.Polyester can melt when subjected to high levels of heat.
  • Design by : staccato
  • Size : 27.5 x 27.5inch (70cm x 70cm)

The starry Furoshiki which gentle touch art with wartercolor

A large size Furoshiki of the starry Furoshiki which a soothing feel for the gentle touch art with wartercolor.
The Furoshiki was used the eater shantung with a little shiny in polyester.

*The shade of color can be slightly different from the picture since every computer monitor exhibits a different color scheme.

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