About Furoshiki

Furoshiki cloth

Furoshiki is a fun and creative style of gift wrapping using a large piece of cloth to create elegant looking gifts.And originating from Japanese culture where it promotes caring for the environment and reducing waste.

It put a furoshiki wrapped neatly in front of the partner family friends, and even your warm feelings overflow by untying a parcel, and taking out an article. As well as giving it an article, a heart touches a other person.

The Japanese “culture to give” “is culture of the consideration” born heartily to treat true heart and the article to the other party to send carefully.

Gift with FuroshikiThe furoshiki becomes small so as to be satisfied in a bag if you fold it and is the comfort which you can use many times. Besides, it’s very stylish!

Not to mention that we can reduce garbage, we can save oil and the wood which are few resources if you use the furoshiki in substitution for a shopping bag thrown away in large quantities every day.

Would you like to begin with eco-friendly thing, today?

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